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Room 6 News

2nd 9 Weeks  

Students and Parents,

I have updated INow, which causes me great concern about the current progress in class. Please remember to study every night the new vocabulary word. We will again have a test this Friday, October 30, 2015.

If you have been assigned a folder in Compass Learning please, please take it serious. This is for a grade, but it is also for you to gain the knowledge and understanding for reading fiction.

If you have a 0 on any assignment please see me during homeroom. I want to help you, but you first must want to help yourself.


Ms. Brown

Welcome to 7th Grade!  

WELCOME to Ms. Brown's 7th grade English. This course is designed to help jump start your career into secondary education. This is a demanding course, one full of reading and writing. Therefore, you MUST stay on task at all times. As educator Linda Rief states, "To become better at anything, it takes practice." I expect each of you to take this course seriously. Practice reading and practice writing everyday!!

 Your Success/Grade In This Class Will Depend On:


·         Doing all assigned work with honest effort

·         Turning work in on time and consistently

·         Coming to class prepared and on time

·         Keeping absences/tardies to a minimum

·         Making up all missed assignments/tests

·         Behaving appropriately during class


 Helpful Hints for a Successful Year:

 ·         Write ALL assignments in your school provided planner at the beginning of the period.

·         Consult your agenda at home and complete assigned work.

·         Do your very best work each and every day!!!!!

·         If you have any questions or find you are struggling with a concept and/or assignment, please contact Ms. Brown for support.

After you and your parents have read this announcement, open up FORMS and print off the syllabus for this course. When you bring it in on the 2nd day of school with your parent's signature, you will earn 10 POINTS.