Sara Boone Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Algebra 1, 8th Grade Math


I attended Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama for grades 10-12

I graduated in 1995 and went straight to Auburn University

My undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education with a middle school endorsement in Mathematics. 

My masters degree is in Elementary Education with a concentration in Middle School Mathematics. 


I graduated college in December of 1999 and was immediately hired as a long term substitute at Opelika Middle School.   The teacher I was filling in for, Mrs. Lily Cannon, passed away a few weeks later and I was hired as a full time replacement.  I returned to OMS the following year in the more comfortable setting - 7th grade mathematics. 


I transferred the next year to Sanford and have been here ever since.  (Happily, I might add...)



This is my 15th year teaching- 14th year at SMS.  I have wanted to be a math teacher since I was in 5th grade.  My middle school teachers were really wonderful - they made learning fun and they knew how to relate to us at such an awkward age.  My math teacher, Mrs. Marsha Dunn, stands out in my mind as the person who really made me like math.  I decided that I wanted to show kids that math CAN be fun and that success IS an option for everyone. 

I was raised in parts of Tennessee and Alabama, and lived a short time in Pennsylvania.  I am the oldest of 5 siblings (step and half) who have scattered amongst the southern states.  My parents currently live in Tennessee. 

I was very involved in athletics as a child.  I started playing soccer when I was 5 - this became my first love of all the sports.  I dabbled in softball, basketball, swimming, and tennis throughout high school.  I declined a soccer scholarship from a small university, but continued to play intramural sports at AU. 

Music has also been a major presence in my life - both of my parents have musical backgrounds.  I began playing the piano when I was about six, but only took lessons up to high school.  I still play a little by ear but my reading skills have fallen by the wayside...   I picked up the guitar at 16 and figured out some of the major chords with my friends.  I continue to play the guitar occasionally.  I love to listen to all types of music.