2016-17 School Supply List
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016
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Sanford Middle School

2016-17 Supply List

·         Locker Fee: $15.00. Students are strongly encouraged to use lockers to secure personal items during the school day.

·         Book bags to bring items to and from school

See “Latest News” on the school website for information on P E Uniforms

 **Please note: Some teachers may require special items depending on the class taken. Check with your child’s teacher on the first day of school for any other possible items needed

5th Grade

4 5-subject notebooks/spiral tablets

1 1 ½” three ring binder

Loose-leaf notebook paper

#2 pencils

Extra erasers

2 composition notebooks

Covered, manual pencil sharpener

Colored pencils

3 plastic folders w/brads & pockets

Lined index cards

  Glue sticks

Subject dividers for 1 ½ “ Binders

Germ-X/Hand sanitizer      

Headphones/ear buds to be left at school

1 package of top loading sheet protectors

1 box quart sized Ziploc bags

Sticky/post it notes


6th Grade

1 1” clear view binder w/pockets

Crayons OR colored pencils

Pencils & Sharpener w/cover

Blue or black ink pens

24 glue sticks

1 package of page protectors

Page Dividers

Lined Index Cards

8 Folders w/brads and pockets

Loose-leaf notebook paper 4 packs

Post it notes

2 5-subject spiral notebooks w/ pockets

Earphones/buds to be left at school

Ruler w/inches & centimeters

Graph paper

1 pack Expo markers

Art supply container

Small pair of scissors


Teacher Wish List: 1 pack of colored copy paper, air freshener, 1 pack card stock, 1 pack of copy paper, zip lock bags (any size), Kleenex, Germ X, band aids

7th Grade

1 ½“ three ring binder for each class

1 packets of binder dividers for each class

College ruled loose-leaf paper

Graph paper

2 packs of 3x5 Index cards



Pens (NO Glitter pens)

Basic 4 Function hand held calculator

1 pack of colored pencils

1 pack of markers

Earphones/buds to be left at school

1 Hard case pencil box

Individual hand held pencil sharpener


For HomeroomsGerm-X, Kleenex, Expo Markers (original ink)



8th Grade

3 1” Three Ring Binders

1 5 subject spiral notebook

16 GB flash drive (used for all classes)

Headphones/ear buds (used for all classes)

Graph paper

1 Hand held pencil sharpener w/cover

1 Variety pack of highlighters

4 1” Three Ring Binders (one for each core class)

# 2 pencils (enough for the year)

Basic 4-Function calculator with +/- and ≈ 

2 packs  of 4x6 lined index cards

Loose-leaf notebook paper

1 multi-pack (24) colored pencils

Black or Blue Ink pens

3-prong folder with pockets

1 pack subject dividers with tabs

1 Box Markers

2 Composition Notebooks

Hard Pencil Case

For Business Communications/Broadcast Journalism

1 three ring binder

Three Tab Dividers

College Ruled loose leaf notebook paper

For HomeroomsGerm-X, Kleenex, Expo Markers (original ink)



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